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This render was previewed 2 days early for my patrons on Patreon! You don't have to feel obliged to join my Patreon, as I plan to make everything I do public at some point, but any bit of help I receive will be put towards upgrading my hardware that I use to create these renders, and if I get more help I could potentially start taking steps into making this my job (and will release my models to the general public if I make it to $300 per month):

Paypal Alternative:

It's been a while! I've been stressing over the quality of my model for a few weeks now, and it kind of got in the way of my releasing things to you guys. Thankfully I got tips from a veteran artist from the fandom and I managed to fix the issues I was having with the facial rig (Shououts to Dilarus. You can find a blog post talking about these changes here:

Now, for the animation itself. I wanted to do Pinkie's signature hop/bounce to practice some more exaggerated squash and stretch. I think it turned out really well here. I spent a huge chunk of my time properly giving this animation some asymmetry. The first hop the left legs have priority and are the main source of the force used to jump. Next are the right legs, and then it loops.

Surprisingly I didn't have too much of a problem animating the hair. I might be getting the hang of it… maybe…?

Special thanks to my patrons:
safe1724731 artist:therealdjthed128 pinkie pie217969 earth pony255695 pony984965 3d77901 3d model1337 animated99503 blender6851 bouncing4975 cute202550 cycles797 cycles render167 diapinkes10147 eyes closed95423 female1379254 gif31530 goes with every song4 happy31645 hnnng2464 hopping312 jumping3415 mare489803 model:djthed118 open mouth149446 patreon12768 patreon logo8687 perfect loop1412 pink background3073 ponk1086 prancing509 pronking1088 shadow4186 simple background400202 smiling253671 smooth as butter46 solo1076564 sweet dreams fuel1613 weapons-grade cute3730


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Are they song lyrics? Whatever way you arrange them, they're pretty nonsensical.

her eyes are so yellow in that animation, that makes it look really weird. If you would fix that and maybe fix the body proportions (smaller hooves) AND make her appear more fluffy it would be the best :)