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Another commission :D
suggestive130661 artist:cottoncloudy179 pinkie pie205719 earth pony209978 anthro235939 belly button69726 bikini16522 blushing179488 breasts248721 busty pinkie pie9860 chubby12869 clothes418765 comic102217 commission56277 female1270984 mud2305 plump6771 quicksand418 sinking340 solo990516 swimsuit25888


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@Background Pony #5E0A
I know what you're trying to do but implying Rarity would be so careless is a bit out of character. Equestria has lots of things that don't work the same way our worlds do. Why can't people just leave it at that?
Background Pony #032D
@Background Pony #BA1D
And yet, hollywood and tv style quicksand pits can be plausibly created by digging a large hole, then putting most of the dirt back in, then waiting a year or two for it to fill up with rainwater. Like a mining sample dig, or a radar-detected precise archeology excavation. Rarity had gem-detecting unicorn powers, would it fit for her to spend her time digging up ditches and pits and forgetting about them after they're filled in?
If you're sinking, you're going to react to that situation as that situation. You won't know when or if you can reach the bottom of the quicksand before you run out of tallness. I'd like to see Pinks crawl out, but hey, not my work.
Background Pony #A963
Someone has watched too many Hollywood movies. Quicksand pits are very, very rarely deep enough to swallow a standing adult human. So uncommon, in fact, that the best advice for escaping quicksand is to wait until your feet touch the bottom and carefully wade out.