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So, I had an idea for a secondary OC, and I wanted to base him on Startracker's model (slightly smaller and lighter than an average stallion). Thus I did another Startracker vector to have a base or something. And after I was done, I realized how freaking similar it is to the other one I already did
Long story short: I should pay more attention to what I'm doing. Now I'm annoyed and won't do anymore today. Dangit.
safe1725795 artist:frownfactory777 star tracker423 earth pony256129 pony986074 once upon a zeppelin830 .svg available8396 adorkable3556 cute202694 freckles29467 grin39567 high res31079 male379660 raised hoof47444 shy4215 simple background400623 smiling254022 solo1077273 stallion111806 svg3680 trackerbetes45 transparent background205258 vector77275


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Background Pony #0373
Along with Zephyr Breeze and Quibble Pants, he's definitely a brony self-insert.