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I made this a while ago for a friend of mine staring his pony OC and his girlfriend's OC in a little magical misadventure using a spell to make ponies bloat up all big and pear shaped. This particular part of the story is when Lightblade finds out that Moonfeather was wondered off leaving him in the company of Pinkie Pie who constantly annoyed him with a barrage of questions. Needless to say, he finds her eventually and she plays the cuteness card. :p
suggestive137200 artist:duragan136 oc654926 oc only432697 oc:lightblade9 oc:moonfeather3 pony922463 unicorn303769 adorafatty322 bhm1439 black and white12454 bottom heavy743 cute face136 fat21368 frown22253 glasses59271 grayscale36996 inflation9033 innocent360 lineart19903 magic inflation48 monochrome146906 morbidly obese7532 obese11123 overweight364 pear shaped52 simple background377437 unamused15429 white background93525 you dun goofed145


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Background Pony #B725
Adorable. X3

Maybe you should also post other pics of them, and the story too. :3