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Hey, here's the next commission! And yes, it's again NCMares and his ever-tired princesses :)
This work reaches 17cm in height excluding base, and made of a polymer clay by NCMares art
I would like to increase the folded wing so that it is more proportionate to the opened one, but decided to stick to the art. The only thing that I changed — it's shifted eye to get rid of strabismus (oh, these pony heads)
suggestive139898 artist:shuxer5980 twilight sparkle297275 alicorn219565 pony942972 absurd resolution65534 alternate hairstyle27517 clothes450352 dock48567 donut1971 featureless crotch6767 female1340098 food68485 habit47 looking back55716 magic71935 mare468419 mouth hold17099 plot77157 ponytail17416 sculpture3232 socks64922 solo1046568 solo female177163 striped socks21078 style emulation3786 traditional art116225 twibutt5355 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122409


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