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dead source20868 suggestive132922 artist:solitaryscribbles52 dj pon-328454 octavia melody22994 vinyl scratch28455 equestria girls188008 armpits41861 ass44873 bbw4065 belly26024 belly button71384 belly lift17 big belly9644 big breasts74037 blushing183004 bra14732 breasts254989 busty octavia2256 busty vinyl scratch2480 cellulite117 chubby cheeks3353 cleavage32315 clothes427058 dj boot-388 double chin1596 embarrassed10588 fat20701 fatavia176 female1288178 huge breasts34579 huge butt8803 large butt14419 monochrome145005 morbidly obese7248 obese10729 panties47506 scale217 ssbbw1567 story in the comments714 thunder thighs7278 underwear57248 vinyl ass495 vinyl fat238 weight woe16 wide hips14628


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James A Williams
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Octavia: Wait, what does it say again? … Viynl Record Scratch! I thought I told you to start your diet 3 weeks ago! But no, your old greedy self told you “No way! Let’s make this big pile of fat bigger.” I’m very disappointed in you!

Vinyl Pfft. Look who’s talking. You don’t look any thinner yourself.

Octavia: Oi! There’s a good reason why I am this size! It’s becaus-

Vinyl: It’s because you wanna get loads of fans on the internet, isn’t it?

Octavia: (sigh) Yes.