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artist description:
Bases by Ra1nb0wK1tty and SelenaEde

L to R:
Everfree Shine (Sci-Set)
Twilight Stardust (Sci-Set)
Arpeggio Twinkle (SunAta)
Silver Screen (JuniTwi)

This is a complicated… thing… I know. I'll explain it now:

On Juniper's 21st birthday, the mane seven and her went to a bar, things happened, and Sci-Twi ended up pregnant. Sci-Twi, while only about 20 at the time, decided to keep her baby, even though everyone said she couldn't handle it. Meanwhile, Sunset Shimmer married Human!Sonata (who is a pony in equestria, not a siren). They had Arpeggio Twinkle together. When Arpeggio was about a year old, Sunset decided to reveal her equestrian origins to Sonata. Sonata was outraged that her spouse had lied to her for years, and they divorced. It was then that Sunset returned to equestria to live with Pony!Twilight until she could land back on her feet. At that point, Silver Screen was about three years old. Sci-Twi had a similar idea to Sunset, and decided to go to equestria to study and start a new life.

It was then that Sci-Twi and Sunset met back up. Things happened, they ended up together, and they, only a year after their marriage, had twins; Twilight Stardust and Everfree Shine. They currently live half the year in the human world, and half the year in equestria with Pony!Twilight.

Age Chart (Let's just say that Silver Screen is about 15?) OLDEST TO YOUNGEST
Silver Screen: 15
Arpeggio Twinkle: 12
Twilight Stardust: 10
Everfree Shine: 10

(Twilight is the older twin)

And this isn't even the most family drama! I'm about to reveal a new set of nextgens, who also tie into this storyline, and Flash Sentry's storyline.
safe1559355 artist:thepegasisterpony122 oc596314 oc:arpeggio twinkle2 oc:everfree shine3 oc:silver screen11 oc:twilight stardust3 pony830310 equestria girls177883 base used15056 cutie mark background1368 cutie mark on clothes883 equestria girls ponified4019 family3969 female883321 half-siblings592 hand on hip4362 magical lesbian spawn10471 offspring33756 parent:juniper montage3 parent:sci-twi327 parent:sonata dusk179 parent:sunset shimmer1468 parents:scitwishimmer293 parents:sunata5 ponified37939 siblings5722 simple background339287 sisters7054 transparent background176828


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