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Urban Wave always tries to do her best to keep her shape and even small weight gain can make her worrying about getting too big. Especially if her extra weight goes definitely mainly to her bottom.

Because we — the comissioner and the artist — couldn't decide which version is better, there are two of them — with and without pants on the imaginated UW.

And yes, she's blank flank. But that just because I had no idea for the CM. Urban Wave is the spatial plannist, urbanist. Maybe somebody will got the good idea.
suggestive126006 artist:andelai466 oc592662 oc only403737 oc:urban wave22 pony825203 semi-anthro10793 unicorn256588 blank flank6933 bottom heavy624 butt expansion945 chubby12459 fat19495 fear865 female877816 growth4862 huge ass7706 hyper pear21 impossibly large ass6088 impossibly wide hips2046 large ass12195 pear496 pear shaped50 plump6559 solo958141 solo female166515 the ass was fat12283 thick3420 wardrobe malfunction4428 weight gain3526 wide hips13376 wide load69


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