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Twilight Sparkle, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, and Elusive, Applejack, Rainbow Blitz become evil and start bullying people. The girls bully Starlight, while the boys bully Tristan.
Then the boys are attacked by the Demon Pony sadly..
Everyone accuses Tristan of their injury. They are now in the hospital..
Then Starlight gets attacked by Twilight, then Twilight gets attacked by the demon pony. Now that are alive are Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy, now Starlight is accused of attacking Twilight. The only one that Starlight can look to for help is Tristin. They team up together to stop the Demon Pony and to save the lives of the people who have made them feel worthless.
safe1555509 artist:theanimebrony24 applejack157256 fluttershy195776 pinkie pie201377 rainbow dash217208 rarity167916 starlight glimmer42977 trixie61193 twilight sparkle279827 demon pony1043 human139906 applejack (male)1015 corrupted2349 elusive1145 evil2528 female879700 glowing eyes9566 half r63 shipping1613 humanized93067 male299098 mane six28996 rainbow blitz2197 rule 6324805 shipping181535 split screen302 startrist10 startrix2528 straight120133 tristan219


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