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A picture of their wedding evening when the three mares became one in marriage
Photo in >>1600062
safe1972984 artist:silfoe1569 fizzlepop berrytwist9683 princess luna109305 tempest shadow18253 twilight sparkle333099 alicorn274720 pony1325053 unicorn447152 comic:my little sluts8 my little pony: the movie20650 absurd resolution71608 blushing238919 bowtie12750 broken horn15163 cheek kiss2560 clothes559861 commission96849 cutie mark52079 dress53852 eye scar5637 eyes closed120906 female1604797 floppy ears64588 horn ring6781 hug33596 kissing28911 lesbian108562 lesbian wedding59 lidded eyes39086 mare619162 mare in a suit1 marriage1581 polyamory7502 polygamy193 ring5248 scar14489 shipping229924 smiling331684 suit7622 tempestlight3609 tempestluna53 tunapest13 twilight sparkle (alicorn)138629 twiluna1631 twilunapest16 wedding1700 wedding dress2297 wedding ring1010 winghug3479


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world's no.1 NMM simp
Upon seeing this under Silfoe’s name I almost panicked and died.
Then I realised it was just a commission.
Then I calmed down.
Background Pony #CD13
I always hate to see Tempest (Fizzlepop) with a fireworks cutie mark. I mean if you were to think for a moment, Tempest didn’t really start shooting off fireworks till her horn was broken. How cruel would fate have to be for a Unicorn to get her cutie mark in something that didn’t happen until she broke her horn? That is like predestining someone with a cutimark of a wheelchair. Feels like a cruel joke of fate.
Still I always enjoyed this artist and their work. Always a ton of detail in it.

awww two wifes to which princess of friendship will maintain
twilight sparkle you accept to tampest and princess luna as your loyal wives
twilight sparkle:yes accept
and tempest shadow and luna you accept to twilight sparkle his only wife
luna & tampest:!yaaaaaay¡
and now he declared them princess and mares
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

Obsessed with TwiLuna.
Silfor, what are you doing? Silfoe, stahp!
Not that I mind this ship that much, considering it’s still TwiLuna…