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“Hello litle book it is me again Sonata.
Todey somethin really strange happent. I made an Oopsie Tree. A Oopsie Tree is a tree growing out of Daddys kettel with really colorfull apples. Aria and Daddy where doing learning stuff in front of the house mixing thingies in a kettel. And Dagi I think was in the musicroom.
Daddy and Aria left to get some more stuff. And than one of my apples flew into the kettel all by itself and than their was a loud BIG BOOOOM! That is really what happenet I did not try to juggle with the apples. Daddy was really worried when he haerd the Boom. But I said that I was not hurt and he was no more worried.
Daddy was really curios about the Oopsie Tree. He started making his smart notes of my Tree. Dagi only said she woult not help me clean my mess. And thats how I made an Oopsie Tree.”
Excerpt from Sonata’s „Happy Day Remember Book“

“Malus iris accidentalis, is a strange specimen all things considered. It’s oddities start in it’s properties in producing fruit, with colouring consisting six differently coloured bands of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple, resulting in the name-giving rainbow pattern.”
Excerpt from Starswirl’s „A Report on Malus iris accidentalis, or the Accidental Rainbow-Apple“
Well now that Starswirl made an actual appearence in the show i felt, its time to draw some new Siren Shenanigans, been almost 2 years
(just for the record, the misspellings in Sonata’s part are intentional)
safe1752409 artist:westphalianartist40 adagio dazzle13285 aria blaze10038 sonata dusk13837 star swirl the bearded2050 pony1012238 siren2177 equestria girls207472 absurd resolution67034 apple16783 apple tree3229 baby siren7 backstory154 beard3804 cauldron1157 cloak4447 clothes476599 cloven hooves10625 cottage149 dazzling133 facial hair6225 family4562 father602 father and daughter2690 female1403581 food73084 forest10574 gaping3456 house2364 kettle120 magician285 magician outfit574 male388619 moon24129 mountain5368 pointing4187 rainbow4744 sisters9368 stars16323 story in the source2047 story included9560 surprised9601 tree33594 wizard657 worried4033 zap apple430 zap apple tree58


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