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My OC for the 2018 collab. Wanted to try a different pose out, also I got a flying slot so I toned it down a bit. Just a little. Also holding a plushie of her husband. I'd also managed to lose out on the Sunset Shimmer style eyes I gave her awhile ago, so I fixed that by re-adding them.
safe1601331 artist:lightningbolt848 derpibooru exclusive24890 oc617264 oc only412916 oc:flutterknight5 oc:lightning dee57 pegasus252424 pony870019 unicorn279368 2018 community collab515 derpibooru community collaboration2817 .svg available7755 bow25321 choker9956 clothes420024 colored sclera583 cute183767 emo716 fangs22298 female1273775 flying35147 grin34021 holding2670 hoodie12603 hoof hold7539 long mane3032 looking at you149902 mare433150 messy mane7240 ocbetes4359 open mouth127645 plushie22321 pointy ponies3189 simple background354886 smiling221305 solo992901 spiked choker1306 spiked wristband1088 spread wings49023 svg3311 tail bow4872 transparent background183895 vector71861 wings84479 wristband3259 yellow sclera115


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