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@Background Pony #07B8  
Nobody is using it “as an excuse”, they’re pointing out that context always matters, and expecting a literal cartoon for junior high children to hold to the same narrative standards as a multiple-Oscar-winning R-rated drama is both completely unreasonable and a borderline sign of mental illness.
It’s a gorram cartoon. Cope.
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room and board  
Describes a situation where, in exchange for money, labor or other considerations, a person is provided with a place to live as well as meals on a comprehensive basis.
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EG Enthusiast
>adults overthinking children’s cartoons about magical talking ponies who turn into magical rainbow people.
I’ll also point out that Sunset’s dwelling isn’t very good. It has only one room, has bare floorboards, bare brick walls, and the electricity and plumbing seem to have been installed by Sunset herself, not to mention her possessions appear to be mostly salvaged junk, and it would appear her only form of food storage and preparation are a mini-refrigerator and a microwave, possibly also salvaged from scrap.
This, coupled with her compassion for that homeless cat, leads me to believe she may have spent time homeless and destitute during her initial arrival in the Human world, meaning she had to start from the very bottom and with bare amenities and as cheap a dwelling as she could find once she finally was able to find a home and a job.
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What the Fluff?
@Mugen Kagemaru
People so obsessed with “making sense” in a small children’s cartoon about talking magical rainbow ponies/people are supremely stupid and deserve to be mocked constantly.
(Insert identical comment about everything else you’re a fan of.)
Human nature is human nature.
Background Pony #091A
@Background Pony #73A3  
Looks like @Josh103 did answer it, and I agree with @TexasUberAlles that it’s a ridiculously flimsy excuse for declaring EqG non-canon. Which makes it all the more hilarious how vehemently those same people deny the evidence from the s7 finale.
Ishi Rudell, obviously. (And I suspect BP#B891 is a known anti-EqG obsessive who’s either posting anonymously to hide their identity or they’ve been permabanned.)
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Thread Starter - Transformers Thread

Realism kind of went out the window when they kept the pony colors for their human counterparts.
Also the whole magic thing.
Background Pony #C258
“EQG is just a cartoon,why do you care that it was previously about ponies,you think too much about,buy a fugly doll and give us money you’ll feel better”  
-Monster High Ishi Rudell and co
Background Pony #C258
Remember when this show was praised because the writers didnt treat it as just a cartoon for little girls and it attracted a periphery demographic.Neither does DHX and Hasbro when the dough started to flow