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safe1974171 artist:baron engel2433 twilight sparkle333238 alicorn274964 anthro316414 unguligrade anthro58505 bowtie12755 breasts344066 bunny ears4534 bunny suit3174 clothes560376 cufflinks312 cuffs (clothes)1411 female1605910 glowing horn25553 grayscale44068 leotard5876 letter3488 levitation14291 magic86618 mare619697 monochrome163840 pencil drawing9724 playboy bunny926 quill3088 simple background503081 solo1270469 telekinesis34310 thinking2350 traditional art131311 twilight sparkle (alicorn)138706 white background130708


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Background Pony #FE4E
twilight go to the with the other princess! her very first royal spa with princess celestia,princess luna and princess cadance!  
twilight: this is my very first royal spa with all of you princess celestia!  
Celestia: i know! ruler equestria is very stressfull and need to good pause!  
Luna: yeah! we all work like crazy for 3 month and no mader the job we all do be very stressfull like sister say! many pony got a lot of nightmare and is take me 29 night to remove all those nightmare! if I not get a take to rest I will become CRAZY!  
Cadance: i know! for 2 month i mose deil with all those problem of my crystal pony! i happy to help them the best i can but this no! if not my rest i become crazy too!  
Twilight: well same here! many pony of ponyville a mose start fight! but thanks the harmony is stop befor somepony get hurt! i be close become crazy! this time resthing in the spa will help us!  
Celestia: Rarity got a super idea of we all rest in the spa princess only! hehehehe!  
Luna: Princess Twilight can thanks Rarity for wonderfull idea!  
Twilight: i will!  
the 4 princess start to rest in the spa! 10 minute later!  
Celestia: is perfect!  
Luna: i think alter the spa why we all to the new restaurant is opeining 2 day a go and some royal maid say is very good! i want a hay burger! will all come?  
twilight: why not!  
Cadane: ok!  
Celestia: ok is set alter this we all get some hay burger! sure the royal cuisine is very good but i want something new for a change!  
Cadance: to night back home i will do so very spaciel time with my shining armor! AWWWW! this will wonderfull! hihihi! oh Twilight do you ave a plan for your fisrt sexe time with flash to night?  
Twilight: no! i..not feel ..ready for this! plus i am in heat(Blush)  
Cadance: oh is the time you be a mother twilight!  
Celestia: twilight! you date with Flash for 5 years befor flurry is born!  
Luna: 10 years, 10 month , 10 day , 10 houre and 10 minute! oh and 10 second! and no sexy yet!  
Cadance: Flurry maby 5 years old smart to want a cousine! you know!  
Luna: she dream of be a great cousine of your future dauther! in her dream she do the little silly dance you and cadance do!  
Cadance: for real?  
Luna: yes! and plus she dream of the wedding of you Twilight! oh in the dream your baby is born befor your wedding! and dream this all the time! but now she some nightmare of you flash broke and never be married and baby never born! plus is not dream, twilight is a vision! she got this two vision of you and flash! one the vision is wonderfull like a dream but the other is nothing but a nightmare! the day of born date is see on the dream! is the start to night!  
Luna: 1 - clam down and 2 - is all the dream duty i got! and for the date of the born of baby i got on my sleep on the spa! is on 11 month and the will perfect healty and is a alicorn! but the name is unknow!  
Twilight: What! my.. my first baby will be a alicorn too?  
Celestia: i see it too on my dream too twilight! and baby will very close with flurry the same way you and cadance!  
Cadance: OHHH! i will got a neise! Twilight you mose do it! not only for your future but for flurry happyness! please?  
Twilight: …..fine! you all know i hate all the unprevu and unplaning!  
alter the spa and restaurant!  
Candance: this restaurant is so good! next time i good with shining and flurry! hihihi!  
Luna: sister! we need to go on this restaurant more!  
Celestia: yes! and i think will be perfect we go ones very month ok?  
Luna: ok!  
Cadance: now is shoping time twilight!  
Twilight: eh? why?  
Luna: for your S.E.X.E with your Stallion! silly! like pinkie will say!(luna make a evil smile)  
Celestia: totally with you Luna!(celestia to make the evil smile)  
Cadance: LET GO GIRLS!(cadance grap twilight arm!)  
twilight: wait! Stop!  
in the sexe shop!  
unknow Mare?: oh good moring princess Cadance! you come for buy some new to try with shining armor?  
Cadance: yes and no! Mai-Lin! i come not only for me but for twilight too! you know twilight never do sexe ones! so we want twilight make this night perfect!  
Mai-lin: oh! for princess twilight too! well i know what she need! is very popular in all clientale! the bunny suit!  
Cadance: can we all try?  
Mai-lin: of course Princess! all my clien mose be sativer! so try on!  
Celestia: oh my! this so sexy more i use to be! oh lulu you look not bad!  
Luna: the suit fit good on my skin and fur! i feel good! too bad i not fond my own stallion!  
Cadance: dont worry aunty luna! you and aunthy celestia will fond one! now twilight get out of your hiding!  
Twilight: fine!  
Celestia,Luna,Cadance,mai-lin: OH MY GOSH!  
Celestia: is look perfect! all black on you make more S.E.X.Y!  
Luna: yes! oh yes Twilight! if i be lesbein i think i be fall in your charm!  
Mai-lin: me i all ready fall in your charm! but you got stallion in your live so i mose not in the way! so good luck with him! if i say right his name is Captien Flash sentry of your own royal guard! right?  
Twilight: yes! You think is ok?  
Cadance: yes twilight!  
later alter twilight buy her bunny suit and go back home she ask of all friends to not borther her to night! is great time! twilight ask to applyjack to take spike! starlight say to twilight she be with trixie to a other town for magic show! later all her friends warning! twilight start to make the dinner for her and flash!  
Flash: twilight i am back!  
Twilight: oh flash! you are back! so what is be ok your mission?  
Flash: you brother make me work like crazy! he want me be more powerfull for more to protect you! sure i want protect you! but grrr! is bit too mosh!  
Twilight: dont worry! shining armor dont hate you but he hate to not be here for me so he true you to do what will do for me! you know this! you are a big brother too!  
Flash: yeah! yeah got this right! twilight! hmmm! this is what i think is it?  
Twilight: yes! hay burger spaceil twilight sparkle! i love flash!  
Flash: i love you too! eh? twilight why is only the mare guard is in the castle?  
Twilight: well you see flash! we be togeter for 10 years and we never do..?  
Flash: oh! get it! so make a spaceil night only two of us! were spike? i got some gem for him i got them form the crystal empire!  
Twilight: spike is with applejack! oh you take thos gems go give them to him!  
mare guard: yes My Princess!  
Twilight: let dig in!  
alter the dinner.  
Twilight: Flash you will wait in the bed Room ok?  
Flash: ok! eh Twilight i hope shining will not show up and stop for do it?  
Twilight: dont worry! Cadance do the same thing i will do you Pegasus boy! oh and is a surprise!  
Flash: ok! i wait!  
Twilight: ok now i mose get ready!(10 minute later) ok! let see the list! hmmm! wear the bunny suit sheck! Flash in my bad room! Sheck! spike will sleep on the apple family! sheck! ok all friends tell to not borther me for to night! sheck! now do sexe with my stallion! no sheck yet! hihihi! well is my first time! and plus i mose become a mother! ……….come on your a big girl! your a mare not a filly! ok! ( twilight teleport her self back to her room!  
Twilight: hey big boy? what you think?  
Flash: OH MY GOSH!?  
Twilight: get ready big boy! oh and i am heat! but please be gentle ok?  
Flash: yes i be gentle with princes my Bunny Girl Princess or my BGP!  
Twilight: hihihi! well let play!  
the rest is in your imagination of all thos two do sexy!
My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

Having read the story at the site (in which Twi decides to wear this after noticing how it makes spike act – odd, when Rarity and Pinkie do it) I have to wonder if the Mane 6 are actively trying to kill the poor guy via lust-induced stress.