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My thingy for the Collab thingemajig. Did mine and Kraus's together because he asked and I owed him a favor. I hope it's not too terrible or too big :P

Also, if you have tiny ocs you can add extra ocs without them being plushies :P Also, Kraus, get a better name for your oc I swear to god XD

If you just want Mave and don't care about the other two ocs you can click here. Meanie <:'(
safe1553402 artist:badumsquish1897 derpibooru exclusive23776 oc592660 oc only403737 oc:chocolate medley11 oc:mave75 oc:rustback13 alp-luachra115 goo pony1743 monster pony3432 original species22694 pony825196 tatzlpony1205 2018 community collab528 derpibooru community collaboration2892 back to back256 boxing glove40 chocolate2878 cup5378 cup of pony497 drinking2947 eye contact6093 eyepatch2595 female877812 food59236 frown21328 high res20741 hoof hold7140 hot chocolate1027 looking at each other15703 looking at you140282 male298631 mare403495 marshmallow1120 melting596 micro8372 mug3617 ponytail15185 rod of asclepius4 simple background337090 sitting53696 stallion90209 steam1566 surprised7888 swimming1645 transparent background175813 unshorn fetlocks21623 wide eyes16011


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