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Sat down on the couch one evening and ended up drawing a sad of my favorite ‘polyship’ in my nextgen universe. I don’t know if it quite qualifies as a polyship, given that Luna and Celestia are NOT romantically involved with one another and share only expected sisterly love and bonds. However, both of the Princesses cared deeply for their lover, the good King Sombra from the mirrorverse. This is a little play on the comic in which GK Sombra sacrifices himself to save his kingdom and world. All three grieve for the relationship. Celestia, the older and wiser sister, more used to the heavy burden of a ruler, grudgingly understands what Sombra must do, as she, too, would do the same to save her own world. Younger sister Luna however is much more emotional, a ruckus of angry sobs and pleading that Sombra should stay.
safe1860893 artist:bijutsuyoukai682 king sombra14935 princess celestia100660 princess luna105007 pony1205156 spoiler:comic11448 celestibra420 celumbra23 crying47502 female1500591 good king sombra655 harem996 king sombra gets all the mares55 lucky bastard1700 lumbra324 male422644 neck nuzzle227 nuzzling4338 polyamory7225 shipping218210 straight150023


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Goddess Erosia

please call me mom~<3
Well, 90% of all the art in any fandom is essentially big mix of “what if” and crack shippings. Even if it doesn’t quite make sense in the canon story, I don’t see how art like this can actually hurt anyone. It’s just an illustration of an idea.

@Background Pony #C9D6  
The universe couldn’t care less about what you do or do not like.
Even if your not the only one, it doesn’t matter at all. More then enough people a lot less of a rude troll like you DO like it. As I am talking right now, this picture is 91% likes.
You just keep on doing you pal. There is no reasoning with trolls so it’s best to ignore them despite the natural urge to tell them off.
Sure I personally don’t see the appeal of having main-universe Luna added to the mix instead of Alt Greek Luna, since main Luna never met Good Sombra, but I’m more then okay with this art existing.
Some people just need to chill.
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I hate Sombra x Sisters, I’ll also say about the discord
Why do you answer me? I think you understand that I do not like that. And I’m not the only one
I dunno, maybe because it’s my art? I mean, you didn’t need to leave the comment you did in the first place, now did you? But you did.
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I hate Sombra x Sisters, I’ll also say about the discord  
Why do you answer me? I think you understand that I do not like that. And I’m not the only one