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From left to right: Rampage, Morning Glory, Blackjack, and P-21.
The off-screen silhouette is Deus.

safe2174857 artist:setharu341 oc947783 oc only688220 oc:blackjack3371 oc:morning glory (project horizons)565 oc:p-21350 oc:rampage334 earth pony446536 pegasus496706 pony1602962 unicorn538154 fallout equestria22934 fallout equestria: project horizons4009 absurd resolution67468 armor31203 barbed wire325 city6462 clothes634700 hoofington70 saddle bag8235 scenery10449 spikes1079 the core22 wasteland1567


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I remember that perfectly, but I painted this art as a reflection of the whole of the first volume. Glory most of the first volume was with a cutie mark, and the rampage appeared only in the end, so on the art it is valid, but somewhere in the background.
Dry and Dusty

I am a capsule of energy
i guess, it’s more than two (maybe three even) years since i read volume I
@Background Pony #B4E0  
details. Who else it is? Steel Rain had dragon-killers and to cast shadow like this it must be someone BIG
overall, just like PH, the picture is made to look cool

There’s no point in the story that matches it: never mind P-21’s hat, Rampage wasn’t part of the party until well after Glory was branded as a Dashite.
Background Pony #BF5F
This would be early on in the fic, true. But Deus never had miniguns. He had two medium-caliber automatic cannons, iirc.
Dry and Dusty

I am a capsule of energy
On left is double minigun and on right double whatever,only Deus could hold something that big. It also suggests BJs and Glorys appearence no eye patch or cyber, both wings, coutie mark, stable and volunteers uniforms, also p-21s got no hat, but i don’t recall when he got it  
Yea, and also source says Volume 1, where is main antagonist mostly Deus :D