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suggestive142894 artist:scorpdk671 adagio dazzle12887 human154627 equestria girls200300 rainbow rocks18279 absolute cleavage3470 adoragio473 adorasexy9759 beach babe679 beautiful5568 beautisexy831 belly button77815 big breasts82001 bikini18117 bikini babe708 bracelet9409 breasts277518 busty adagio dazzle1568 cleavage34547 clothes459310 curvy6670 cute199661 eyelashes10546 female1362282 hairband1259 hourglass figure1490 humanized100043 jewelry63552 legs8295 lips1139 long nails501 looking at you168483 midriff19310 one eye closed30690 purple swimsuit259 seductive2224 sexy29394 side-tie bikini417 smiling248195 solo1063645 solo female179696 string bikini726 stupid sexy adagio dazzle489 swimsuit28254 teasing3756 thighs13633 tongue out103866 tugging137 water13242 wide hips17183 wink24718


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Background Pony #4B83
With all this cute Dagi art, one almost forgets she's one of the most (arguably the most) competent villain in the franchise. That's a slightly scary thought, but that it's exactly the kind of angle she herself might use to her advantage is eerily fitting.

Nicely done, Mr. Scorpdk! :D