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suggestive140584 artist:scorpdk669 adagio dazzle12756 human152652 equestria girls197696 rainbow rocks18143 absolute cleavage3405 adoragio466 adorasexy9558 beach babe666 beautiful5481 beautisexy750 belly button76291 big breasts80321 bikini17789 bikini babe699 bracelet9165 breasts272559 busty adagio dazzle1556 cleavage34096 clothes452525 curvy6524 cute197021 eyelashes9662 female1345558 hairband1242 humanized99165 jewelry61762 legs8111 looking at you165092 one eye closed29896 purple swimsuit258 seductive2119 sexy28783 side-tie bikini412 smiling242940 solo1051200 solo female177712 string bikini715 stupid sexy adagio dazzle481 swimsuit27741 teasing3689 thighs12925 tongue out101978 water12885 wide hips16674 wink24289


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Background Pony #4B83
With all this cute Dagi art, one almost forgets she's one of the most (arguably the most) competent villain in the franchise. That's a slightly scary thought, but that it's exactly the kind of angle she herself might use to her advantage is eerily fitting.

Nicely done, Mr. Scorpdk! :D