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suggestive145616 artist:scorpdk679 adagio dazzle13069 human156889 equestria girls203355 rainbow rocks18406 absolute cleavage3574 adoragio476 adorasexy9981 beach babe693 beautiful5682 beautisexy908 belly button79595 big breasts83946 bikini18600 bikini babe731 bracelet9690 breasts283848 busty adagio dazzle1591 cleavage35156 clothes467747 curvy6823 cute203079 eyelashes11610 female1382752 hairband1280 hourglass figure1555 humanized100954 jewelry65821 legs8667 lips1191 long nails531 looking at you172372 midriff19584 one eye closed31634 purple swimsuit263 seductive2300 sexy30100 side-tie bikini424 smiling254642 smiling at you4637 solo1079079 solo female181604 string bikini737 stupid sexy adagio dazzle491 swimsuit28967 teasing3822 thighs14376 tongue out106169 tugging139 water13734 wide hips17767 wink25223 winking at you993


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Background Pony #4B83
With all this cute Dagi art, one almost forgets she's one of the most (arguably the most) competent villain in the franchise. That's a slightly scary thought, but that it's exactly the kind of angle she herself might use to her advantage is eerily fitting.

Nicely done, Mr. Scorpdk! :D