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Edit: Now with dialogue.
Name: Lapis Hondoras (honduras) Lazuli  
Nickname: Lapis (Rarity), Hon (everyone else) and baby bro (Crescent)  
race: Kiren  
Sex: Male  
Sexuality: (undecided)
parents: Rarity (adopted birth mother), Fancy Pants (adopted father) ??? (mother), ??? (father)  
siblings: Crescent Moonstone
Home town: Ponyville  
Talent: N/A  
Occupation: N/A
Personality: Super chill and relaxed. For all intends and purposes, he’s a hippie, acting as the peace keeper whenever he finds conflict, which often.
Bio: His parentage is interesting due to the fact that he has 3 parents. His biological parents are dragons (obviously) but he was born from a pony. His mother never really explains to him why she gave birth to him or who his parents are but he doesn’t mind too much. He loves his pony parents, even if they demand he make himself presentable to the woril
Redesigned Lapis to be a kirin cause hes a mix between a eastern style dragon and a pony. Originally, I planned on making Lapis a full on eastern dragon but then thought ‘why not make him more equine’? It didn’t occur to me to make him a kirin until my bro spoke to me about Monster hunter and reminded me of the lighting horse.
Note: Rarity’s words are what my mom tells me all the time whenever I try to leave the house looking less than ‘proper’. Who knew you can’t go out into the world in a t-shirt and crushed up jeans.
safe1860323 artist:jolliapplegirl483 rarity194786 oc776790 oc:lapis hondo lazuli13 hybrid23496 kirin10994 adopted offspring1179 dialogue73595 female1500078 glowing horn22912 interspecies25419 male422434 mother and son3325 next generation6156 offspring44569 parent:fancypants927 parent:rarity4981 parent:unnamed oc394 parents:canon x oc2002 scales1355


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