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Hibernation: optional :P
safe1675736 artist:badumsquish1904 derpibooru exclusive27645 limestone pie4890 oc665594 oc:kalianne104 lamia2029 original species24608 angry26498 blanket5190 blowing503 bust47817 chocolate3307 coils1094 content87 corner69 cracks197 curtain528 female1335820 food68206 happy30377 hot chocolate1231 marshmallow1318 mug4126 portrait30385 scowl538 snow13642 solo1043418 steam1821 window8254 wrapped up321


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Here comes the sweater :D

Electric blanket :P

@Chicago Ted
I think one reason they'd have to be non-antagonistic toward ponies is because ponies could easily attack them during winter when they were basically home-ridden due to the cold :P

It's my thing to do when I get sick :P

Totally. They don't have to hibernate, but their instincts scream "HIBERNATE" all winter :D

Yep :P

Awwww :D

@Background Pony #7C7B
The benefit to a ceramic mug was she was able to glue it back together XD
Background Pony #94DD
She's just the cutest lil' thing. Would totally remodel the guest room of my home into a big terrarium for her to stay in if lamia pones were real.
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This is so cozy-looking. :D Would totally join, though I imagine it'd be a bit awkward trying to find a spot underneath to settle in, haha.


Blankets will still help, even cold blooded creatures generate (an admittedly small amount of) heat through muscle movement and metabolism so the extra insulation will help retain that.
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i just want to state how much i appreciate the idea of a featureless wall with only a poster of displeased limestone pie on it

snek has good taste
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I like to think that her hibernation instinct rears its head on the colder days and she spends them curled up in Anon's bed under his blankets. Anon leaves her be as she is generally more tired on these days. However, when night falls Anon has to carefully push aside her coils to get into bed. She then happily slithers herself around her warm blooded human companion, sliding her upper body up to anon's chest as she pokes herself out of the covers, smiling through her tired expression and gives him a loving lick with her very long tongue. She continues her hibernation, lovingly squeezing her human not too tightly with her very powerful muscles.