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Finally we are getting close to the saucyness ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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suggestive148367 artist:horsecat549 fluttershy217206 rarity185552 comic:a very normal day at the spa10 equestria girls206919 bathrobe1426 belly button81202 bra16486 breasts288585 cleavage35630 clothes475782 comic111452 duo64696 duo female11920 e-cup bra43 female1401424 panties51487 pink underwear4337 purple underwear2192 raripanty170 robe3749 shirt26161 shirt lift2930 show accurate17043 skirt41066 skirt pull449 spa1285 underwear62480 undressing5340


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i keep having dreams that i am related to Fluttershy and that she is my mom!
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@Red Cedar
Fluttershy's animals has probably seen her in her underwear and even nude before … but maybe not. She seems to not sleep with any animal in her room, so maybe she's too embarrassed showing her underwear or nude body to them? (Trying to apply canon facts of nude ponies to a world with clothed humans)