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safe1553398 artist:sion523 twilight sparkle279129 alicorn190652 pony825194 blushing172288 cute173239 daaaaaaaaaaaw3030 female877807 hiding behind hoof2 hnnng2224 looking at you140281 mare403494 raised hoof37824 shy3419 simple background337090 sitting53696 smiling209348 solo958137 twiabetes9862 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113619 weapons-grade cute3094 white background84640


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I 💜 Twilight Sparkle
Twi: Stop it, you're making me blush.
Neo: You're cute when you blush
Twi: blushes more

Aww, she's so cute <3
Background Pony #B1F1
Twilight…. sometimes I wonder if I'm the only person left in the world who still loves her. The S7 did a great job in putting her back on track after a S6 in which she was pretty much absent in it, but somehow it made many people hating her for who knows what reasons… what a shame…