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SJWs in the comments
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Ruwa is best waifu.
@Background Pony #7CD4  
Calm down, sir. I know that guy is infuriating, but there is no need to risk a reprimand for Vit. Just not worth it.  
There are some people who like to take offense on behalf of others. I am sure someone could make a pony meme mocking Mexico and Vit would take offense on my behalf while I laugh at the meme.

Ruwa is best waifu.
To be honest most passionate fans of something are part of the so called Autism Spectrum. In fact, I believe I might be part of it too, but has never been diagnosed.

Ruwa is best waifu.
You have just proven my point. Let them speak for themselves, they do not need others to speak. In fact I feel like you are actually silencing Smoldix, which is something certain people tend to do. Silencing those they claim to protect.
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Good for you Mr. Single Individual. No, I’m not mocking you, seriously, I’m happy that you’re happy in spite of it.  
Also, can we stop with this stupid “It’s only offensive if you take offense to it which makes all offensiveness invalid”? There are some things out there which are just inherently offensive. Like blackface. Or whatever.
Ah, what a way to dismiss empathy attempts and to dismiss the possible existence of people who have autism AND also complain. Because that would mean there is actually a problem and it’s not the fault of the offended.

Ruwa is best waifu.
All hail Filly Anon, former Emperor Avtismvs Maximvs!
Well. You say that because you have autism. The people who complain never lived with it, which means they try to speak on your behalf to stop feeling guilty of their lives being free of concerns. You on the other hand live with something they could never understand. They patronize you because they feel you are in a worse situation than you actually are.
It is logical. People in general are a drain on someone’s patience in general.
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These kinda people do literally think that them taking offense to something is all that’s needed to make it offensive.
Also, brush her mane!
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I have autism myself, so it’s always funny to see other people getting upset about this stuff.  
Like, fuck, dude, why you offended? Shrug it off.  
Only thing that makes it offensive is you taking offence to it.  
Same applies to people that got mad at these:  
Background Pony #2FD7
Should have one that says “don’t tug on my ears, I know what I’m doing”