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“Wrapping his forelegs around me, Calamity stretched out his wings and caught the wind. The storm snatched us up off the train, and Calamity began to steer us towards a ridge that overlooked the slaver town.
The wind buffeted us, making me fearful that we would crash, but Calamity’s course stayed true.
We landed… and I immediately slipped and fell in the mud.
Calamity barked a laugh. I shook really hard, flinging at least half of the mud onto him, and then laughed too.
But then we stopped. Virtue or not, there was a time and a place for laughter. And this wasn’t it. I floated my binoculars over to Calamity and then pulled out the sniper rifle to peer down its scope at the collection of dilapidated wooden buildings, derailed boxcars, makeshift metal structures and slave cages that made up old Appleloosa. The train was just pulling in.”
Fallout: Equestria - Chapter Six: The Truth of the Matter
safe1752517 artist:php104104 oc712860 oc only465904 oc:calamity718 oc:littlepip4184 pegasus309889 pony1012332 unicorn343101 fallout equestria17597 animated100936 appleloosa294 battle saddle335 black and white13501 clothes476634 cutie mark49811 dashite492 eyes closed98322 fallout3696 fanfic10560 fanfic art14967 female1403657 flying39474 gif32181 grayscale39321 gun16352 hat90525 hooves18270 horn77949 laughing8312 male388661 mare503091 monochrome152373 mud2616 old appleloosa5 open mouth154838 pipbuck3612 raised hoof48490 rifle3812 spread wings57194 stallion115979 teeth10516 vault suit3645 wasteland1263 weapon31470 wings123506


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