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Blender, sai, one day of modeling and painting

HD 5,13MB



<(Dat equestria arifmetic)

also check my tumblr if you wish

Alternate source
safe1726920 artist:v747214 twilight sparkle303074 alicorn228420 pony987189 angry27641 chalk552 chalkboard2861 classroom1658 desk3303 faic12421 female1381263 fluffy14421 frown23247 glare8269 grayscale38573 horseshoes2238 levitation12302 magic74266 math827 monochrome150935 open mouth149855 pointing4100 sitting64391 solo1078005 spread wings55731 teaching183 telekinesis28201 tongue out105998 twilight sparkle (alicorn)124885 underhoof52857 uvula2148 wings111341 yelling3151


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