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suggestive148421 artist:myakich7 applejack173294 human158965 absolute cleavage3649 angry28073 applejack is not amused772 applejack's hat8428 assisted exposure1828 big breasts86036 breasts288754 busty applejack10824 cleavage35648 clenched fist265 cowboy hat17174 erect nipples11447 female1402077 hat90373 humanized101924 nipple outline7870 solo1094467 solo female183687 this will end in pain2036 this will end in tears and/or death2336 this will not end well1715 too dumb to live238 unamused16760


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Background Pony #1F33
As he laid in the hospital with literally every bone broken, all he could think was: "Worth it."