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A good friend of mine made these and is offering to do other ponies if you commission him.
His Patreon
Celly 1:

Celly 2: Here
LuLu 1:

Lulu 2:
safe (1429403)alternate version (23899)artist:orochismith (18)edit (99171)edited screencap (44332)screencap (174773)princess celestia (83658)verko (54)pony (698174)my little pony: the movie (16516)celestia is not amused (338)cheek squish (534)cute (148591)cutelestia (2651)meme (73452)silly (6443)silly pony (2657)squishy cheeks (1780)this will end in tears and/or a journey to the moon (217)unamused (11311)who's a good pony (16)


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When meeting a head of state, it is in most cultures regarded as rude to squoosh her face.
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