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dead source33307 safe1946070 artist:caboni32317 artist:vest423 rainbow dash257168 twilight sparkle330061 alicorn269747 pegasus395004 pony1295737 book38764 butt pillow186 collaboration6242 female1579340 lesbian107606 mare603933 reading7194 shipping227199 smiling323529 tree40177 twidash5599 twilight sparkle (alicorn)137314 underhoof60898


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The Dark Pony

I think safe tag fits because the buttplay here isn’t too far from what we can see in the show, like in Shadow Play Part 2. There’s even a legit facesitting (Pinkie Pie on Rainbow Dash) in Season 1, and Rainbow’s head has made contact with Twilight’s butt in Dragonshy, not to mention Spike slamming into it on more than one occasion.
I would not mind having that pillow.
Background Pony #A597
It could have been because of the way they are resting maybe?  
(maybe because there is also a version that has uh plot)  
I’m not sure, but it seems to be safe now
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Eyy all, noticed the comments below.
@Background Pony #1B46  
You are correct, the intended illustration in that book is two ponies kissing. Apparently, the other pony got a bit covered by Twilight’s hoof, and while I personally still see the mouth of the other pony, I can understand how people can see it as a blowjob (fear not, I have judiciously smacked myself on the head on your behalf).