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In which Amazon Dash of Fitness asks TinySpike to workout with her. Needless to say, the fitness is witnessed, among other things. hehehehehehehe i am only slightly sleep deprived
suggestive161993 artist:maarthul305 rainbow dash251104 spike84528 human181527 amazon660 ass60643 big breasts97456 breasts318894 busty rainbow dash9229 butt142757 female1516158 giantess4811 hand on butt3349 huge butt12010 humanized106276 implied spike873 large butt21927 macro12212 male427817 micro9959 monochrome158992 muscles14456 partial color5820 rainbowspike564 rainbutt dash4498 seductive look1567 seductive pose1951 sexy34722 shipping219982 size difference16781 solo focus19776 straight151411 stupid sexy rainbow dash3467 the ass was fat16893 workout outfit850


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Background Pony #3967
I feel like this needs a short fic written about it, perhaps involving Twilight advising Spike to ask for workout help with Rainbow because she read that exercise will speed up the reversal process of the miscast shrinking spell?
Background Pony #75E4
I think I like the mad ramblings in the description just as much as the picture.