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Not a big fan of her new outfit, but I kinda wanted to draw this and some others wanted it so yeah
EDIT: Added shading, updated to be consistent with the short, and fixed other things
safe1616795 artist:zharkaer81 sunset shimmer58956 oc627935 oc:anon11200 human146574 equestria girls187771 equestria girls series30289 overpowered (equestria girls)304 3:106 4koma653 :<978 :t3632 blushing182759 comic103404 cute186454 daaaaaaaaaaaw3330 frown21842 geode of empathy2707 glow4042 heart44649 magical geodes7794 shimmerbetes4114 smiling224761 sweat24257 thought bubble3134 vulgar19665 wide eyes16365 worried3605


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