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Not a big fan of her new outfit, but I kinda wanted to draw this and some others wanted it so yeah  
EDIT: Added shading, updated to be consistent with the short, and fixed other things
safe1995052 artist:zharkaer80 sunset shimmer73592 oc849127 oc:anon13158 human209094 equestria girls236896 equestria girls series38962 overpowered (equestria girls)344 3:124 4koma695 :<1363 :t4232 blushing242553 comic125415 cute239628 daaaaaaaaaaaw5889 frown29641 geode of empathy3658 glowing13424 heart63380 magical geodes11183 shimmerbetes4925 smiling338378 sweat34363 thought bubble4551 vulgar23658 wide eyes18960 worried4977


not provided yet


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