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Doodling while recuperating. I’d like more time to get back to normal… but it was nice doodling while relaxing and waiting on laundry.
Have a Luna smooching her first girlfriend.
safe1878661 artist:silfoe1564 princess luna105665 oc786701 oc:light heart26 alicorn256654 earth pony321123 pegasus364281 pony1224523 royal sketchbook613 :<1227 :t4084 blushing224160 canon x oc28669 cheek kiss2108 cute222780 eyes closed110833 female1516429 floppy ears60069 freckles33617 grayscale41880 kissing27338 lesbian104420 lunabetes3844 mare566246 monochrome158999 race swap16593 short mane1095 sitting72935 sketch69368 spread wings66952 surprise kiss862 surprised10504 traditional art126492 wide eyes18206 wing fluff1850 wings152935 younger19084


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