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"So? What are you going to do with me?" the zebra filly purrs, her lips opening invitingly.

I'm trying some Sundown style facefucking next. Desta's mouth was supposed to be in a lewd way, but…I had trouble with it and somehow came up with this mouth form instead. =3
questionable106862 artist:theonewithoutaname236 oc615204 oc only411869 oc:desta45 zebra15975 behaving like a dog1287 belly button69726 bellyring1332 blushing179488 blushing profusely1698 chest fluff33363 classroom1497 crotchboobs19027 cute183147 cute porn5853 desk2959 dock44884 ear piercing22499 earring18510 eyebrow piercing768 female1270979 filly60582 foal14974 foalcon16805 imminent sex5448 jewelry53817 legs in air3510 looking at you149368 lying down11018 nipple piercing4767 nipples148612 nose piercing2418 nose ring1945 nudity337770 on back22660 piercing36024 school1637 solo990514 solo female169781 tail21466 teat piercing302 teats7171 tongue out92987 tongue piercing895 upside down5104


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Hoofsies Rule
oh buck didnt know i missed your descriptions so much~
She looks cute there, her mouth fits very good for a catchy teasing look from her
I'd totally boop her with my member then make out sloppy wet and then use her mouth mmmh