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AU where the mane 6 (maybe 7? Sunset could be involved too) are the princesses, and Luna and Celestia are their students
(this scene is meant to be luna showing off a special flower she crossbred herself with the help of earth pony magic which blooms specifically at night, which would therefore impress applejack enough for her to take her on as a student i guess?)
safe1899627 artist:flipwix93 applejack183580 princess luna106506 alicorn260738 earth pony330410 pony1247161 age swap93 alicornified6303 alternate hairstyle32052 alternate universe11200 applecorn306 braid7393 crown22820 cute225528 female1536552 filly79643 freckles34206 jewelry84044 lunabetes3859 mare578120 multicolored hair8087 race swap16912 raised hoof56472 regalia27041 role reversal1497 s1 luna7831 smiling309275 sparkles5907 sparkly mane290 woona5346 younger19372


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