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safe (1504901) artist:verumtee (320) sci-twi (20332) sunset shimmer (54108) twilight sparkle (272775) equestria girls (170379) friendship games (11709) clothes (383160) cute (163607) daydream shimmer (781) female (829064) holding hands (2114) horns are touching (608) lesbian (87595) looking at each other (14451) midnight sparkle (2208) midnightdaydream (42) scitwishimmer (2062) shipping (174881) simple background (317253) smiling (198073) sunsetsparkle (4158) twiabetes (9278)


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Background Pony #1E62
Daydream: you know? Despite the damage you caused. You do look pretty that way.
Midnight: dont worry… I'll be a good girl this time…