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Rainbow Dash's part of >>1564543.
safe1680310 artist:n0nnny573 edit129674 part of a set11506 rainbow dash231142 pony942513 animated97301 blushing193155 crying42714 cute195879 cutie mark background1562 daaaaaaaaaaaw3689 dashabetes9018 female1339569 frame by frame3992 gif30234 glomp425 happy30494 happy birthday mlp:fim1304 hug27717 incoming hug232 it's coming right at us193 looking at you163771 mlp fim's seventh anniversary382 n0nnny is trying to murder us16 n0nnny's run and hug15 offscreen character33184 open mouth140673 pov13689 running5852 solo1046207 tears of joy2423 teary eyes3929 weapons-grade cute3619


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Midnight Moon
Equality - In our state, we do not stand out.
Not a Llama - Happy April Fools Day!

Who Was This Guy Again?
Want to know my favorite part of this? Rainbow Dash starts to tear up a bit as she goes in for the hug.
RAINBOW DASH tearing up? Man, she must have really missed us.