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Quartz Horn, a spider-themed witch this Nightmare Night, is ready to go out for a fright!

Alt version of >>1018656

Quartz Horn the Crystal Pony filly is from Rainbow Feather Replies, a MLP:FiM tumblr. Ask her questions any time

Art by Artoffel-kartoffel.

Same as Quartz the Witch, but with no web background
safe1706528 alternate version45446 artist:artoffel-kartoffel4 oc684714 oc only448836 oc:quartz horn38 crystal pony4535 spider1753 unicorn323368 cape10327 clothes459651 female1363166 filly66662 hat86869 nightmare night4699 simple background393445 solo1064298 tongue out103958 transparent background202366 witch2372 witch hat3024


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