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09Hankris has helped me get to grips with t I might as well share my first coloring. Could do with some shading :p Not bad for a first attempt.

Let me know what you think!
questionable110912 artist:marauder62721828 artist:xwhyohwhyx16 color edit7657 edit132376 twilight sparkle300164 alicorn224198 anthro259934 unguligrade anthro48313 big breasts81959 breasts277394 busty twilight sparkle12020 cleavage34527 clothes459099 colored19451 female1361764 huge breasts38256 huge butt9838 hyper10354 hyper breasts4671 impossibly large breasts16758 impossibly large butt7166 impossibly wide ass95 impossibly wide hips2229 large butt16707 mare479868 simple background392894 suit5881 the ass was fat13815 thighlight sparkle547 thunder thighs8378 transparent background202110 twilight has a big ass422 twilight sparkle (alicorn)123609 wide hips17175 wip7857


not provided yet


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For a first coloring it's very good, and you certainly picked a fun picture to start out on. I can only see two obvious flaws, both of which are perfectly understandable. First, the buttons on the the cuff of Twilight's jacket sleeve are the exact same color as the rest of the jacket, and second, the book/folder/clipboard that Twilight is carrying is only half-colored. The top half is colored fine, but it looks like you mistook the bottom half for part of her sleeve or something.

That said, I get the feeling that you have something of a knack for this, as it looks way better than some of my own first attempts.