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and tear
Updated version, minor changes ^^;;
explicit432149 artist:whitepone419 tempest shadow18486 pony1391758 unicorn474826 my little pony: the movie20843 anus123993 blushing247974 broken horn15394 butt200123 clothes581182 dock64440 eye scar5765 female1659239 looking back77550 mare651095 nudity468717 plot124498 ponut57492 scar15128 simple background533126 solo1320367 solo female216024 stupid sexy tempest shadow220 surprised11701 tempass366 tight clothing3435 torn clothes6216 vulva168312 wardrobe malfunction6042 white background140064


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

dead to you
♫Open up your eeeyyyee-EEEEYYEE-eyyyes!♫  
Twilight: Now that’s what I call…eye-opening?  
Tempest: No! D-don’t focus on that during my villain song! Take me seriously!  
Twilight: Are you blushing?  
Tempest: O-of course I’m not blushing, st-stupid! I’m menacing! And scary and intimidating and…and… I’m not recovering from this, am I?
@Agent Luna  
That comment with that avatar…