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safe1725795 artist:kitsu-chan1115 tempest shadow16898 pony986074 unicorn331794 my little pony: the movie19189 armor24048 blueberry381 broken horn13915 bust51124 eating9784 eye scar5143 female1380225 food71420 glowing horn20032 gray background7405 horn70538 ice cream5113 ice cream cone615 mare490325 scar12235 simple background400623 solo1077273 sparking horn657 tongue out105901


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Young Leosword
@Crystal Shine
There’s presumed years of practice with her handicap, just as an animal with only three legs. I mean I guess if she has the opportunity to reappear in any future material, but if not it could work for fan stories. :3
Background Pony #B281
I was thinking she'd set up a soda parlor, or maby a float(like root beer float but with different combinations) parlor

Either that or shed become a hardcore guard that actuall does anything their supposed to do