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dead source24511 safe1726091 artist:zedrin211 dj pon-329454 octavia melody23981 vinyl scratch29455 earth pony256224 pony986356 unicorn331909 animated99579 ask-mafia-octavia39 badass3293 bipedal35321 black dress454 bullet casing17 clothes466834 dexterous hooves636 dress45206 drum magazine28 dual wield367 female1380487 gif31556 gun16137 horn70580 little black dress242 m1911180 mafia octavia83 mare490460 muzzle flash46 pistol2114 ponies with guns78 shooting517 side slit1426 smiling254099 submachinegun348 sunglasses14712 teeth10115 tommy gun226 weapon30899


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Background Pony #E379
is that the sr3 mission with veronica (I think) in the strip club? where S.T.A.G attack?
Artist -
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

@Rostam, yea pretty much. Though given the carbine that 'Tavi has it's clearly not an exact copy of a real gun and more an artists interpretation.