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Yay for staying up for 29 hours straight because you want to get something in before the deadline…

But I did it. I finally did it.

And I vectored something again. Been way too long. At first it was going to be Rarity and Sweetie Belle, but I decided since Applejack took over the parenting role for Applebloom after the passing of their parents, it might fit better for her to say "my little pony" than Rarity.

Unfortunately, capitalization removes the ambiguity, but I do like how if you just imagine the words it's kind of ambiguous as to whether AJ is telling AB "happy birthday" or if it's a fourth wall breaking thing.

Had fun kind of mixing the 5-year old filly models from "For Whom the Sweetie Belle Tolls" with the regular filly model to try to make it look like she's in-between the two ages (around 7).

Just think… People who are just turning 7 years old were not alive when this show started. I can't believe it, man… from secretly watching it on that laptop in my room, terrified anyone might see me looking it up on Youtube, to having this deep, dark secret I shared with a friend at high school, to starting a huge fan club at my college, and now basically all my social circle comes from that club. Crazy how things go.

Also remembering when it was all so new and fresh. We saw AJ's farm a lot more back then I think — in season 1.

Man, back then I didn't know how to vector at all… I've come a long way in so many areas since then.
safe1573558 artist:eagle1division223 apple bloom46505 applejack158667 earth pony198326 pony844324 apple14625 apple bloom's bow1041 bow24171 chicken coop83 duo49349 female897635 fence2509 filly59437 food60665 hair bow13246 happy birthday mlp:fim793 mare414743 mlp fim's seventh anniversary389 noogie267 one eye closed25111 raised hoof39233 smiling214551 sweet apple acres2560 title drop163 vector71169


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