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First half of my batch of same gender adopts that were originally meant to be fusions, but instead became next gen kids.
Here’s how it’s gonna go - little different than normal when I just do headshots and offer fullbodies in addition. These are fullbodies with cutiemark if applicable (Iron Will x Rover can’t have one for example so it doesn’t.)
O Each fullbody is $7 or 700 points. Includes PSD file for adopt & cutiemark (if there is one)  
O A full reference sheet based on the adopted design is $18 or 1800 points.*
You will receive a larger individual PNG, as well as the PSD for making adjustments the design if chosen (Please don’t go too crazy with the design changes however). Payments will be made through paypal if using $ currency and payments will be sent once the sale is finalized. Full bodies and reference sheets will take a little bit of time to work up after payment. Simply comment below on which you’d like.
*Reference sheet includes full body 3/4 or profile view, front view, headshot, and reference on specific points (jewelry, armor, etc).
Feel free to change parentage, gender, talent, name, personality, they’re all just short suggestions for the adopt.  
From left to right, top to bottom:
  1. BlueFlash (Blueblood x Flash Sentry) (Alicorn)  
    Suggested Gender: Male  
    Suggested Name: Red Tape, Trail Blazer
  2. CeleNovo (Celestia x Queen Novo) (Hippogriff Hybrid) (Sold to )  
    Suggested Gender: Male  
    Suggested Name: Sundown, Helios
  3. EmberLight (Ember x Starlight Glimmer) (Dracony) (Sold to )</i>  
    Suggested Gender: Female  
    Suggested Name: Gem, Pale Gleam
  4. ZeShy (Zecora x Fluttershy) (Pegasus Zebra) (Sold to )  
    Suggested Gender: Either  
    Suggested Name: Jungle Fever, Zenith
  5. HoopCeps (Hoops x Bulk Biceps) (Pegasus)  
    Suggested Gender: Male  
    Suggested Name: Slam Dunk, Counter Balance
  6. IronRover (Iron Will x Rover) (Diamond Dog Hybrid)  
    Suggested Gender: Either  
    Suggested Name: Doge, Tenacious Wish
  7. OctaScratch (Octavia x Vinyl Scratch) (Unicorn) (Sold to )  
    Suggested Gender: Female  
    Suggested Name: Diva, Riff

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Art (C) 2017
safe1879724 artist:bijutsuyoukai682 oc787338 oc only583278 dracony7707 hybrid24048 zebra19786 zebrasus213 zony1292 my little pony: the movie20209 adoptable1950 braid7249 clothes525641 cloven hooves11780 colored hooves8016 colored wings8548 interspecies offspring8885 knuckle walking7 magical gay spawn1304 magical lesbian spawn13967 multicolored wings3448 offspring44965 parent:bulk biceps430 parent:flash sentry3438 parent:fluttershy5768 parent:hoops59 parent:iron will78 parent:octavia melody328 parent:prince blueblood929 parent:princess celestia2521 parent:princess ember412 parent:queen novo121 parent:rover14 parent:starlight glimmer1715 parent:vinyl scratch460 parent:zecora409 parents:blueflash1 parents:emberlight10 parents:hoopbiceps1 parents:ironrover1 parents:novolestia40 parents:scratchtavia207 parents:shycora8 zebra oc4040


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