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Celestia goes insane.
again, TRYING this style, not sure if i’m gonna keep using it.

safe2208411 artist:arterialblack71623 princess celestia114300 twilight sparkle362703 alicorn322077 pegasus512130 pony1638758 unicorn554906 g42063433 annoyed7377 comic137483 confused6846 derp8496 dialogue96187 donald trump314 error1622 eye contact7765 female1841837 food103785 fourth wall2454 frown37010 glitch1311 happy birthday mlp:fim1556 head1196 implied derpy201 insanity3428 jewelry117609 kissy face663 laughing11292 levitation16538 lidded eyes50102 looking at each other35860 looking up24768 magic98548 male564110 mare765731 mlp fim's seventh anniversary378 muffin7618 no signal16 open mouth245214 ponified51713 raised hoof72299 regalia37940 royal guard11088 sad31799 simple background614633 sketch84589 smiling410231 speech bubble41353 stallion201742 standing26854 straitjacket1098 telekinesis39902 test card55 text92151 unamused24602 unicorn royal guard341 unicorn twilight35257 what happened3 white background168108 wide eyes20070 worried5767


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Background Pony #85E4
It was a yuge revelation, just yuge. And everybody who can deal with it is gonna be so, so happy, you won’t believe how great it’s gonna be. But some people are just low-energy and they can’t deal.