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suggestive143293 artist:zwitterkitsune711 dj pon-329283 octavia melody23793 vinyl scratch29284 anthro260782 unguligrade anthro48537 ass49245 backbend1620 bow (instrument)712 breasts278357 cello bow350 clothes460678 female1365837 femdom8147 femsub10777 floppy ears52434 garter belt3657 garters2813 laced panties14 lesbian97156 lingerie10518 panties50311 scratchtavia2957 sexy29521 shipping200595 sitting on lap272 spanking2728 stockings32826 stupid sexy octavia306 stupid sexy vinyl114 submissive16694 tavisub43 thigh highs36430 treblebutt707 underwear60939 vinyldom20


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Background Pony #A766
There is something really strange going on with Vinyl's entire above-shoulder region. Horn is attached off-centre on the forehead, her neck is mega long and comes off as rectanglar/squared off due to how the close line is connecting with the cheek which forms a flat plane.. she doesn't appear to have a chin either.

Add the shades hiding her eyes and the mad rictus grin and it comes across as some uncanny valley clone.