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Happy birthaday, FiM!
This one was requested earlier kinda, so I simply have to rebloogle the notably bonkers Rainbow Rider’s Birthday Adventure. Cross-gen birthday love FTW!

Comments from the original upstream posts
I finally managed to get my hands on “Rainbow Rider’s Birthday Adventure”, one of the most elusive UK books, and it is delightfully cracktastic. I cannot wait to scan this thing in! It has the worst art I’ve ever seen in a pony book, not to mention amazing quotes like:
“Far away on Rainbow Mountain, Rainbow Rider licked her lips. She was watching the Tropical Ponies through her telescope.”
I cannot stop laughing at smug Sea Breeze / Surfing Days (the pegasus). WHAT ON EARTH!
Rainbow Rider’s Birthday Adventure (book)
Continuation from this post. Be sure to look at that one, you do NOT want to miss that incredibly smug pegasus!
Comments: Surfing Days, the pegasus, is glaring at her companions as though she’s about to punch them out and Hula Hula is planning on teaching palm trees to dance. It should be noted that that pony known as Hula Hula in the UK was called Pina Colada in the US … sounds like she’s had a few already!
The ponies agree to stand in a boat. The pegasus possibly turns into a sea pony once on board. She seems ticked off about it. But not as ticked as Hula Hula (aka Pina Colada), who is positively GLARING out at the viewer. I think she’s angry about what’s happening to her hair … whatever it is. Like, seriously, what is happening to her hair??
Comments: Yeah, I felt this page deserved a post all its own.
Comments: The Tropical ponies are giving a live performance of “Mutiny on the Bounty” when Wizard Must-Have starts sneaking up on them. Personally, if I saw a pony glowering like Sea Breeze / Surfing Days is, I would tiptoe the other way.
Comments: Magician Must-Have traps Rainbow Rider so he can look at her pretty colors for all eternity. She seems strangely okay with this.
Comments: I love it when my friends foist amnesia on me for my birthday! […]

safe1865061 artist:david clark design group ltd.1 hula hula16 piña colada (g1)17 raincurl12 ringlet (g1 rainbow curl)33 sail away17 sea breeze21 spike (g1)461 streaky16 stripes (g1)16 tootie tails12 dragon64854 g115686 official10619 accidental innuendo39 adventure315 birthday2980 book36966 captured406 continuity error20 fruit1202 imprisoned113 island405 magician must-have1 rainbow5234 rainbow curl pony64 rainbow mountain2 rainbow rider's birthday adventure2 rainbow wishing well1 rescue313 slide162 story805 telescope879 tropical isle1 tropical ponies61 wish114 wishing well22 writer:pat posner1


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Let's keep calm here...
Watch the readers’ heads whirl at the multi-twist ending with… unsettling… implications.
And since Hula Hula/Piña Colada isn’t the least bit Entish, I gather she’s bonkers too.
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Wait...there's more?
When I got to the part about Rainbow Cloud tuning the radio to the Tropical Isle, I imagined “I Wish” by Skee-Lo coming out of the speakers instead.
Just sayin’……….