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>>1554635 (merged) updated, higher resolution
safe1947423 screencap257694 twilight sparkle330158 alicorn269972 pony1297233 season 71761 shadow play1385 adorkable3996 castle2464 cute232232 daaaaaaaaaaaw5690 dilated pupils740 dork4310 excited3537 faic13708 female1580565 happy37696 high res84204 irrational exuberance630 mare604846 open mouth193398 open smile15035 senpai noticed me71 smiling323927 solo1247023 squee2051 twiabetes13676 twilight sparkle (alicorn)137362 twilight's castle4728 upscaled563 weapons-grade cute4240 whoa24 wingding eyes29610


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Twilight likes books because they contain information and stories and the like, right? So she would love the internet. I mean books are kind of the only real medium they have. They don’t have television or advanced videogames, either. I think I would take to reading if there was no internet as well.
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When you tell Twiggle that the “Internet” is basically a library that contains all other libraries with a magical construct that will create a temporary magical copy of any book in any of those libraries for your reading pleasure
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Twilight is a prodigy who had freakishly strong magic even when she was a unicorn, which only increased now that she’s an alicorn, and can duplicate upon only seeing it once. Starswirl however is FAR more skilled, having created and mastered over 200 spells, while Twilight has yet to truly master any of her spells other than telportation.
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i uploaded it without knowing that you had, so i uploaded it myself. then somebody must’ve merged yours into mine. if i had found your upload i wouldn’t have uploaded this.
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I already had this uploaded, So why is it showing up now from someone else? not complaining, just want to understand the system.
I have the same question haha.

For me it was also nice to have it confirmed that Twilight is almost as powerful as Starswirl, despite her relative lack of experience. Course for Twilight getting Starswirl’s approval was more important than that.
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There are very few things that ever make me feel genuinely happy.
Seeing dearest Twilight like this, is one of those things.