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Fashion pone has focused on work and neglected staying in shape again.~
suggestive159738 artist:two-ton-neko293 applejack180928 rarity194937 earth pony313330 unicorn393994 anthro292399 absurd resolution69241 ass58884 bbw4730 bedroom eyes66974 big breasts96060 breasts315473 busty rarity14522 butt135631 chubby cheeks4418 cleavage38345 clothes518871 cowboy hat19754 eyes on the prize5935 fat24399 female1501338 hat99492 huge breasts44733 huge butt11714 implied lesbian3891 implied rarijack479 implied shipping5710 impossibly large breasts19017 impossibly large butt8108 impossibly large tail95 impossibly large thighs803 impossibly wide hips2439 large butt21377 mare557260 obese12864 raritubby1164 rearity5302 simple background455801 size difference16570 ssbbw1909 stetson5236 the ass was fat16718 thunder thighs10538 wide hips21166


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I see Applejack has her eyes on the massive marshmallow-y prize. She “helped” Fashion Pone get this big with an unrelenting and ever-increasing supply of apple-based desserts, didn’t she?