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suggestive148421 artist:gaggeddude32109 rainbow dash238588 rarity185598 twilight sparkle306170 equestria girls207135 absurd resolution67010 arm behind back6450 ass50910 ballgag7322 barefoot28539 bed42356 bedroom10927 belly button81323 bicolor swimsuit219 bikini18982 black swimsuit236 bondage34908 breast bondage1010 breasts288754 busty rainbow dash8459 busty rarity13394 busty twilight sparkle12456 butt65939 cleavage35648 clothes476126 commission73080 cutie mark swimsuit155 feet41599 female1402086 females only13059 femsub11037 gag14991 hogtied607 purple swimsuit264 rainbow swimsuit19 rearity4757 rope11854 rope bondage4223 ropes454 side-tie bikini431 speech bubble24434 string bikini756 submissive17140 swimsuit29728 toe tied519 toes6641 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126199 wedgie1533


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I miss the show so much
Twily and Dash can snuggle just fine even if they're bound and gagged, while Rarity… well, she can watch and wish she could join.
Background Pony #BAC0
Spike, this is not funny at all. This is just plain cruel. Sure, it's freaken hilarious, but still very cruel. Now let… them go before… I fall down… Laughing.